Volume Up! Bun- Blue skies

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Now you can be your own hijab stylist with our latest hijab volumizer!

I know how you feel on days when your hijab slips off at intervals because there isn’t enough volume at the rear.

Trust me, this was me when I started to wear hijab and I’ve gone from one temporary solution to another till I came up with this!

The perfect solution!- Volume Up!

For days when you need to add some extra volume to your scarf/hijab and get it  to drape just the way you want, The Volume Up! Bun is your best bet! It will go everywhere with you on the rough and smooth days keeping your hijab foundation firm and style on point!

This was made to enhance a flattering hijab look on your face, regardless of the shape, give a full volume drape so you can look stylish, and the best part is that it comes in a pair! So, on days when you have some volume from your hairstyle, you can  go one step down and still look gorgeous!

The Volume Up! Bun is made from non-slippery georgette and has a strong durability with the right elasticity for your hair.  This is your new hack to creating cute buns and hijab styles! simply pack your hair to the rear, following your ear line and slip on the Volume up!

You’ll find that your hijab drapes like you never imagined! Go on, click click!

Measurements- Diameter 20cm*50cm

Material- premium soft georgette



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