Black Muslimah Power – Taqwa (Sky blue)


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Go on and show the world the power inherent in you!

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She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s BLACK MUSLIMAH POWER.

The Black and Muslimah identity could be fused together in the most beautiful manner just like we fused this beautiful and meaningful African geometric pattern with the theme of the BMP collection. A design that reflects our traditional African heritage and our Muslimah identity. This one stands as an iconic piece for all visibly Muslim black women around the globe.

After months of hard work, carefully selecting the perfect fabric, prints and finished off with a golden signature affirmation charm, we are happy to be a part of your Black Muslimah Power stories.

Each shawl comes with a detachable golden affirmation hang charm



Finishing: Baby Hem

Comes in its own customized carrier pouch

Measurement in metres: One size

Length: 185 m

Width: 75 m


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