Because we believe that the basis of the modesty of the Muslim woman originates from the verse of the Qur’an where our creator commands us to guard our modesty and draw our veils.
We believe that young Muslim women should not be constantly faced with issues of dressing fashionably yet modestly mostly as a result of poor access to these accessories but to find them accessible with premium pricing and be encouraged to see themselves breaking grounds in their chosen careers and ultimately be positive impacts on their immediate environment and the Ummah at large.

Our products help to achieve that chic muslimah look you aim at while also helping you strive to please your creator (Allah S.W.T).

Stitch by stitch, we take the process of sourcing our hijabs from unique and quality fabrics and accessories carefully selected with love and that have run through needles, threads and fingers burning with passion, taking days and nights to add the finishing touches which eventually births our beautiful products.

Regardless of what level you find yourself on this spititual journey, you may be the struggling muslimah with a love for turbans and shawls or you’re a lover of maxi dresses, maxi skirts,wide pants, tunics and kimonos or you’re just that Hijabie with a love for Abayas, We believe there’s a common ground, the whole essence of covering up;The HIJAB, Hence, HijabsbyAesha.

Coming from a background with no enforcement on the hijab, it was only a matter of time that I would eventually strive to obey my creator and dress modestly, Alhamdulilah. I started out by retailing shawls, hijabs and accessories at my third year in the university from my car trunk on every jumah day and it’s been a great experience meeting muslimahs from all works of life and tending to their needs.

I have a passion for business as much as I love fashion and as I was going through the retail business and a daily personal transformation with my decision to dress modestly, I thought it good to expand and cater for a larger number of young muslim women outside my university community and environs. I launched the business on social media via a short series of videos and pictures in 2016 and started selling online. The instant hijabs were a hit and to meet the increasing demand and make shopping an easy ride for customers, we’ll be launching a website in May 2017 where the products can now be purchased. We aim bigger and look forward to the nearest future when dressing modestly will be every muslim woman’s pride.“ This big tribe of ours can only get bigger and better with your support Bi itnillah and we hope you remain loyal to us as we remain in this strive“. I’m Aishah Olayiwola, a graduate of Agricultural economics and a modest fashion entrepreneur

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